Three Planning Tips for Your Partner Visa Application

Partner visas are intended to allow individuals with spouses or de facto partners in the country to immigrate. Unfortunately, the application process is challenging and difficult. Therefore, if you are thinking about presenting an application, you should consult an immigration professional. The professional will help you to navigate the complexities of the application. However, if you are familiar with immigration laws, you can handle the process. Regardless of your choice, here are basic guidelines to keep in mind for partner visa application.

Understand the Options

You should understand the options available under the partner visa category. Choosing the right fit for your situation will increase your chances of success after application. In general, married individuals or people in de facto relationships can apply for permanent and temporary partner visas. As implied, the permanent visa allows the partner or spouse to live in the country.

The application for this permanent visa can be prolonged. Therefore, one might need to apply for a temporary visa for a short-term stay as the permanent application is processed. Prospective marriage visas are also considered partner visas. These documents are provided to engaged couples. If you apply for this visa, you will need to get married within a limited period.

Confirm the Requirements

You should not make assumptions about your eligibility for a partner visa. A simple relationship with a citizen or a permanent resident is not the only requirements. Confirming the full details of the requirements will prevent losses. Keep in mind that application fees for the process can be high and will not be refunded in case of failure.

When reviewing the criteria, determine if your relationship meets the relationship requirements for a recognisable marriage or de facto partnership. Usually, a couple will need to have a genuine relationship that excludes others. The relationship should be shown as continuing, and you must not live separately from your partner or spouse. You will also need to meet certain predetermined health and character requirements for eligibility. People who are minors under the law will not be eligible for the partner visa. Additionally, if you have children, you should consider their best interests before application.

Prepare Evidence

Finally, you will need to prove the claims made through the partner visa application. Acquire the critical documents such as identity materials, marriage certificates and other supporting documents before beginning the application. They will be required for processing. Also, consider gathering materials showing a genuine relationship such as photos and communication between you and your partner.  

To learn more about partner visas, contact a local immigration lawyer.